This one is the cheapest among the best Trailmasters that are available in the store. The engine quality is great and is perfect of trial. It has got a 163 cc engine, and is suitable for two kids to sit side by side. Your kids will be enjoying the ride in the Go kart, while they will drive the same in the garden.


Available in the store, the two stroke engine 200 cc trial kart is great for your kids. Here also, there is arrangement for sitting two. Your kid will love the speed generated from this device, while they ride it at the backyard of your house. The lovely looking Go kart is available at a moderate rate and is fit for trial purpose.

New XRX Go kart 150cc Trail Master BrandNew XRS Go kart 150cc Trail Master Brand

This Trailmaster Go kart is having all features for the kids to practice for real time race. It is having two stroke engine of 150 cc. Sitting arrangement is there for two. The speed limit of the kart is near to 30 mph, which is quite high for the trial purpose. Take your kids to a ground, so that they can generate the actual speed out of it.

New XRX Go kart 150cc Trail Master Brand

A little more than 2000 dollars is the cost of the trial master brand Go kart. It is having comfortable sitting arrangement for the two kids. However, the 250 cc engine is good for race trial. You can use the kart in your backyard, where your kids will get the real time fun, driving the super car.

5145oHE5jALNew XRX Go kart 300cc Trail Master Brand

This is the best among all the karts available in the store. Blue colour kart is having a perfect body and sitting arrangement of 2 kids. The 300 cc engine is perfectly supported with hand brakes and is ideal for your kid’s trial purpose.

Select the best Go kart

All the Go karts that are available in the store are of high quality, although the last one is the best in terms of trial. The best thing in it is the perfect sitting arrangement, handbrake, but the best thing among all is the 300 cc engine. So, get the best and the most expensive Trailmaster Go kart. The device is worth buying.