Review of XRX Go Kart 150cc Trail Master

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Apr 08

There is a great choice on the go kart market, but not all products are worthy your time and money. If you want a good go cart for your kid then you should look for smaller 150 cc go karts.

Among the offer of go carts for children, one of the best is Trailmaster go kart 150cc XRX.

Trail Master Go Kart 150cc is a high quality go kart, and its price shows that. This go kart costs around 6 thousand dollars, but because it is an older product you can buy it for only 2 250 dollars on Amazon shop. If you go with this be prepared to pay 560 dollars of shipping fee. This might sound expensive, but if you compare this product with other similar products you will find that this is a great deal.

Trailmaster go kart 150cc XRX

If you buy this go kart you must be aware of the laws regarding karts, especially Trailmaster go karts. Every state has its own laws regarding go karts, so you should check them before you complete the purchase.

trailmaster-xrs-150-buggy-go-kartTrailmaster go kart parts are easily replaceable, and even though this go kart is not the top of the line, you will have great time on it due to its specifications. Engine of 150cc XRX go kart is a 4-stroke, single cylinder type and it has a maximum of 8hp. This power gives you the ability to achieve a maximum speed of 43 mph and you will be able to climb up to 12 degree inclines.

This go kart has C.D.I starting system with a 12V electric battery. Gear change is automatic with reverse driveline as well. This go kart comes with dual wheel suspension and swing-arm brakes. The weight of whole go kart is 650 pounds.

Trailmaster go kart 150cc XRX red

When you buy this go kart it will come in parts. If you don’t want to deal with that you can ask the seller to assemble it (beware, this is not a free service). Even if you order an assembled Trailmaster 250 XRX you will still have to attach the wheels on it, because it is impossible to deliver it with wheel already attached. To attach the wheels on the cart you will need socket wrench.

But, I would advise against ordering an assembled Trailmaster XRX go kart. It will save you a lot of work, but it will be damaged in the process of delivery. You will need a lot of tools to assemble it from the scratch, but you can always pay a local mechanic to do it for you.

This go kart has a very low review score, and there have been a lot of complains. Fuel tank is made out of very thin metal and it will break off after 6 months or so. Drive belt is made from low quality material and you will have to replace it from time to time. Trailmaster parts are average quality, but due to amateur work done on the connections you will have to check them on regular basis because they tend to go loose due to vibrations.

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