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Apr 08

Razor is a company known for a wide variety of Go Karts, and in this review I am happy to present one off-road go kart for sale from this company and one cheap go kart for flat surfaces.

Razor Dune buggy is a compact go kart with 350 watt electric motor made for kids aged between 8 and 12. Maximum speed of this buggy is 10 mph and it is done on 8-inch knobby tires. This Go Kart, as many other Razor karts is very cheap, only 460 dollars. For this price your kids will have a lot of fun.

Razor Dune buggy


  • Razor Dune Buggy
  • Customer Reviews 4.5 of 5

This buggy has only one battery and it will take around 12 hours to fully charge it. Once charged the batter will hold for about 45 minutes. If you don’t like this, then you can buy a battery or two extra, and change them. The advantage of this Go Kart is that it can be used on dirt roads, so you can let your kids have fun in nature rather than on the parking lots or street.

This buggy also has throttle adjustment which is done with alan wrench. With it you can limit the maximum speed of the vehicle and through that you can increase the length of time a battery can hold. The accelerator is on the handle and it is regulated with thumb paddle. This is especially great for children, because they have better reaction time in their hands rather than in their feet. The brake on this Go Kart is almost optional, because it slows down rather quickly once the throttle is released.

This might not be a full off-road Go Kart for kids, but they will have some fun on flat off-road terrain.

Razor Ground Force Drifter Kart

Many parents are willing to buy 100 dollar go karts, but that is a waste of money, and both you and your kids will be disappointed if you do that. Razor Ground Force Drifter Kart is a super fun and extremely cheap Go Kart. It costs only 265$ on Amazon and for that kind of money it will be hard to find another product with the characteristics of this drifter.

It is an electric powered GO Kart and your kid will be able to drive it for around 40 minutes per day, but oh boy, he will enjoy those 40 minutes. This Go Kart can go up to 12 miles per hour and your kid will be able to perform 180 degrees turns with ease. If your child is younger (7-9 years) then you can limit the maximum speed, and he will still be able to do some interesting things with this Go Kart.


  • Razor Ground Force Drifter Kart
  • Customer Reviews 4.1 of 5

razor go karts

This Kart is made for flat concrete surface only and it is made to be close to the ground. This means that it isn’t able to go over obstacles, but it also means that the center of the gravity is very low which will prevent rolling.

Most of the components of this GO Kart are several inches of the ground, so if you slide over some kind of obstacle the chain might fall off, so be careful and tell your kids how to ride it.

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