When you look in to the market to buy a Go kart, you can find different karts of varying prices and features. So always make sure to check for the various products and their respective features and choose the best one that would come within your budget and meet all your specifications.

Go Kart ScooterX Sport Kart Go Cart 163cc 6.5hp:

It can go up to 40 mph which comes with a hand brake and throttle. It’s a four strike engine and automatic clutch feature. It weight limit is 120lband 12 and above can ride this kart. This would cost you about $925.


The Voodo VK1:

It is an amazing race car for children of age group ranging from 5-8 years. This is an excellent kart for your children who are just starting to learn. This would range you about $1095 and is a fully automatic machine. Just need to add oil and gas and you can start with your racing.

The complete kart package:

Italkart Chassis with 125cc X 30 engine would cost you $7999. This is a high performance racing car which is used for recreational as well as competitive needs which comes with an electric start up. 16 and above can use this kart. You can check out the various Go kart for sale and buy the best one.


The Italkart Chassis is made in Italy and is one of the best Go karts which you can find in the market. Though this is very much expensive it is one of the top most Go karts that you must buy. This is the best high performance racing car when compared to the other options which you have. It is worth spending such a big amount as you don’t find the special features that this Chassis has. The entire electrical system is fully digital and very easy to be used by anyone. It comes with self- charging battery which runs with the help of oil and gas. It has 125cc electrical engine along with the 2 stroke and can be water cooled. You can visit the online source where you can find the best Go kart for sale.