My personal review of DuroMax engines

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Apr 08

DuroMax engines are fairly cheap for their power, and that caused a lot of concern among the possible customers. Some people are more willing to go with more expensive engines, but that is a mistake you should not do. This review will cover two DuroMax engines, one with 7 hp and other with 16 hp.

    Many go kart engines for sale are rather expensive, but there are some manufacturers like DuroMax who make universal engines that can be used in go karts as well as other machines. Right now you can buy DuroMax XP7HPE 7 hp electric start engine for only 200 dollars on Amazon, and shipping is free. This is a classic 4 stroke engine with an electric recoil start. There are three types of air cleaners on this engine, semi-dry, dual and oil bath.  This DuroMax engine is only 43 pounds and it will fit nicely in your go kart.

DuroMax XP7HPE 7

     This engine is made to last, and you will have to do very little maintenance to keep it in top condition. Once a year you should change the oil and spark plug must be cleaned on regular basis (twice a year should do it). Air filter is made to keep the dust out and you won’t have to clean it every month or so. Even though you have the option to use the choke, you will see that there is no need to use it. Only bad thing that can happen is to leave the choke on while the engine is running.

    If you know how to properly install this engine into a go kart you will be able to go Go carting with over 40 miles per hour.

    DuroMax 16 hp Go Kart gas power engine is one of the better engines in 250-300 price range (280 dollars on Amazon, normal price of this engine is 400 dollars). This engine is made for log splitter and similar machinery, but it can be used for go karts as well. It is better to buy this engine than many go kart engines for sale on the market. This engine is powerful and you will be able to create a racing go kart engine out of it. Fuel tank maximum capacity is 1.75 which is for this type of engine an average capacity. Weight of the engine without any fuel is only 77 lbs which is within normal parameters for a go kart.

DuroMax 16 hp

   One of the big advantages of this engine is that it can work on law end of rpm range and it won’t stall. You can opt for this engine with electric start, but that is not necessary because this engine fires up with first stroke, so electric starter is just a waste of money.

    One thing that might turn you off this engine is the sound it makes. At the first hours of work it will produce loud hammering noise; it will subside after a while but it will not disappear. Apart from the noise the engine will run smoothly for many years.

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