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Apr 08

If you think that 6-7hp Go Karts are weak and not powerful enough, then you obviously haven’t ridden ScooterX Sport Kart 163cc 6.5hp. Rather than being a common race kart, this GO Kart is made for riding on and off the track.

In a world of racing go karts for sale, majority of the Go Karts, are normal Go Karts that have very low seating position and protection against the collisions. But, ScooterX is different, and it is the fastest Go Kart you can find on Amazon, and it costs only 930$.

Maximum speed of this beast is around 40 mph and it is not a toy. Only kids over 14 and adults should drive this racing kart. You can use it to indulge into Go Kart racing, and you can also use it on the street because it isn’t as close to the ground as the majority of the racing Go karts are.

 ScooterX Sport Kart 163cc 6.5hp

If you are going to buy a Go Kart for racing and for fun off the race track then this should be your first choice. Both the brake and throttle are for hand use which makes braking and accelerating a lot faster than it would be if those two things were done by legs. The engine is a standard four stroke type and it has automatic clutch which helps in the smoothness of the ride, but it presents some other problems we will discuss in later.

Even though the speed in no issue with this Go Kart, it fails to deliver power in low speed range. If you want to use this Go Kart for Go Kart racing, then it will be a great vehicle, but you will be disappointed if you want to drive it 5 to 10 mph. This means that you will not be able to take this GO Kart of the concrete. Any incline, where you have to slow down will be an impossible obstacle.

ScooterX Sport Kart 163cc 6.5hp

Many people have been complaining that the clutch is very bad on this Go Kart, and that it burns out too quickly. Reason for this is due to wrong drive ratio this GO Kart has. In order to increase the lifetime of your first (original) clutch you should drop a few drops of oil on it before you go on a ride.

Torque Converter Cutch CVTI said that this Go Kart isn’t for off-road ride, but you can adapt it for inclines and rugged terrain. First thing you will need Is Torque Converter Cutch CVT that costs around 100 dollars. Next you will have to upgrade you clutch to one of the Comet 30 clutches because they use the peak power of the engine no matter what kind of speed you want to develop. You will also need new tires and new wheels for off-road.

This Go Kart has issues some people will be unable to overlook. But the price is good, it goes fast on the track and you will have a lot of fun. Just keep in mind that you might have to invest in repairs from time to time.


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