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Apr 08

Market for electric Go Karts for kids is full of numerous Go Karts, and from that big pile you will have problems to find a good offer. Best electric Go Karts cost a lot, in most cases more than people are willing to pay for a toy. When I say toy, I mean toy, because the kid will grow out of it and you will have to sell it for pocket change.

You can opt for electric Go Karts for adults, but they are too powerful for children, so that is out of question as well. Only choice that is left is to buy cheap Go Kart that has at least a notion of quality in it.

I found that the most reasonable choice for electric go kart for sale is FamilyGoKarts Kids Electric Go Kart. Even though it says that this is a kid Go Kart, it isn’t really made for children less than 8 years of age.  Its engine has 1000watt and the battery is 48 volt which gives it a maximum speed of 17 mph.41kFlq9OVCL

This Go Kart is rather heavy (235 pounds), and with its battery your kid will be able to ride it around 2 hours, before the battery runs out. Run time of the battery will change due to different terrain it is ridden on and weight of the driver. The battery that comes with it is good and it will only take around 7 hours to recharge it completely. The weight of this kart is due to frame made out of high-tensile steel, all-terrain tires and disc brakes.

In most cases electric Go Karts for kids are made for certain ages, but this Go Kart is different. I have already mention it specifics, but I forgot to mention that both the seat and the seat belt are adjustable, so kids of different ages will be comfortable in this Go Kart. There is also an option o limit the maximum speed according to the age of your kid. It has three settings, 10 mph, 13 mph and 17 mph. This is easily changed, so you will be able to change the settings in just enough time for your kids to exchange places.


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Even though this Go Kart is considered as all-terrain vehicle, it isn’t really like that. Yes, you can ride it on grass and on dirt, but that is all. If rain starts, or there is mud or snow on the road then this Go Kart becomes useless.

Another downside of this Kart is that you must have good mechanic skills to assemble and keep this kart running. First of all you will have to spend at least 5 hours on making it run. And after that you will have to think about modifications for front wheels, because this Go Kart has very wide steering radius. The steering radius is big problem and if you leave it as it is your child will not be able to make a U turn on the average street.

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