At no 1 Monster Moto MM-K80BR 79.5cc Go kartAt no 1 Monster Moto MM-K80BR 79.5cc Go kart

This is the cheapest among all the gas powered Go karts that are available. Sitting arrangement is for one. Super gripping tires and the hand brakes made this Go kart perfect for kid’s use. The brake type that you will get in this is hydraulic type and that is perfect for your kid surely.

At No 2 Go kart ScooterX Sport Kart Go Cart

This one is a high performing Go kart, perfect for your kid’s racing. It is only available at 925 dollars. It is scooter type in style and is having hand brake with 4-stroke engine. So, your kid can attain a speed of 40 miles every hour with this racing scooter. It is safe and hardy even.

At No 3 Voodoo VK1 Kid KartAt No 3 Voodoo VK1 Kid Kart

This one is a complete one among all the gas powered Go karts for sale cheap. It is all set for racing. It has a power of 3 HP and the engine available is of four stroke. Price of the Go kart is also moderate. It is available at price just over 1000 dollars only. So, get it for your kid today.

At No 4 Kandi 150cc 2-seat Go kart

This one is a typical racing Go kart with arrangement for two seats. The engine of the kart is of GY6 model and the transmission is CVT. So, you can well understand that this is high configuration Go kart for your kid. Get it from the store at the perfect price.

Complete-Kart-Package-Italkart-Chassis-with-125cc-X30-Engine-0-0At No 5 Complete Kart Package- Italkart Chassis

It is having 2-stroke engine, but the power you will get from it is 29 HP. Thus, this one is a great Go kart in the store, perfectly made for your kid’s racing. It is usually available for the young fellow of 16 years. However, alterations are possible to convert it for the kids of 12 to 15 years old.

Select the right one – Use your intellect to pick the best one for you

You might be eyeing for the cheapest one, but the last one, although expensive is a super performer. Made in Italy, the gas powered Go karts for sale cheap model is having a power of 29 HP, which is unimaginable from the end of the other models. So, your kid is going to win the race, while the last one is selected by you.