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Apr 08

Buying a Go Kart for your child is a task that can’t be avoided. Once your kid sees his peers in Go Karts he will want it as well. The major problem is that your child fails to understand the problems a Go Kart can cause and complication it can manifest.

   You can by an electric Go Kart for your kid, but batteries will allow him to ride it an hour tops per day. Good gas powered Go Karts are expensive, their price goes well above 2 000 dollars. So, only option you have is to find gas powered Go Karts for cheap and buy one, and all along hoping that you will not have to invest too much money in it. Well, no matter what you buy, you will have to spend money on repairs. To make your job easier we will present few Go Karts and their flaws, so you will know what you can expect from certain product.

Scooter X 49cc Baja Go Kart

    Scooter X 49cc Baja Go Kart is a powerful and fast small cart. Its maximum speed is 30 mph. The engine is a 2 stroke type; in fact one of the most powerful 2 stroke engines and the clutch on this Go Kart is automatic. When it comes to gas powered GO Karts for sale cheap this Go Kart fits the description because it costs only 530 dollars.  

If you buy this Go Kart expect the problems with pull start and bearings. The bumper is loosely attached to the Go Kart and it might fall off if you hit something. This Go Kart does have some concerning issues, but if you want cheap fast Go Karts then this one is a good choice.

Monster Moto MM-K80Br is an 80cc Go Kart that costs only 700 dollars on Amazon. This is a rather sturdy and fairly powerful Go Kart, but it has some rather concerning flaws. You will have to torture the accelerator if you want to fire it up. You will need the extended warming before every ride.

Another downside of this GO Kart is the product specification. The product is recommended for the children more than 13 years old, but you will find that only children under 10 years and under 70 lbs will be able to use the full potency of the Go Kart.


  • Monster Moto MM-K80BR 79.5cc Go Kart
  • Customer Reviews 4 of 5


Redcat Racing Rampage Dunerunner V3 4X4

    Redcat Racing Rampage Dunerunner V3 4X4 is a very versatile and fun Go Kart. It comes with 30cc gas engine and it weighs only 75 pounds which makes it light and fairly safe ride. But it is made from aluminum, and due to the power it has it will break if you hit a curb or any other obstacle. There are some issues with throttle, but as with any gas power go cart that is also cheap, you will have to invest in repairs from time to time.

      You might be turned away by the flaws these Go Karts have, but when you calculate the price and average amount of money you will have to invest in repairs, they are still a better option than expensive 5 000 dollars Go Karts.

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