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Introduction into Go Kart basics

Majority of the Go Karts you see are recreational aka concession karts that can be rented. In last several years more and more manufacturers have been introducing Go kart for sale offers where Go Karts can be privately owned.

It all started with homemade karts whose engines were taken out from lawnmowers and similar machines, and all other parts were taken from other things as well. Right now there are many kinds of Go Karts you can buy, from Go Karts for the youngest of children, up to powerful racing karts. There are still karts that have no power source, but majority of people will opt to buy powered Go Karts for their children.

Quality and the type of kart parts determined the over quality and the amount of fun you or your child will have with a Go Kart. You can go in a big store and buy $100 Go Karts, but those are only toys, even for your children and by buying a kart like that you will only waste your money.

Gas powered Go Karts for sale cheap and other info about Go Karts

Go Kart

Find some of the most wanted go karts for sale with our various reviews. We will show you the best go karts for kids and adults.

Go Kart Engines

If you want to change your go kart engine, we will present to you quality and affordable go kart engines.

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Best Go Karts for Sale

Monster Moto MM-K80BR 79.5cc Go Kart


  • Item Weight: 177 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 54 x 32.5 x 25.5 inches
  • Max Rider Weight: 130lbs
  • Engine Displacement: 79.5cc OHV

Razor Ground Force Drifter Kart


  • Item Weight: 68.88 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 40 x 10.5 x 28 inches
  • Max Rider Weight: 140 pounds
  • Runs for 40 minutes per charge

FamilyGoKarts Kids Electric Go Kart


  • Item Weight: 235 pounds
  • Motor: 48V, 1000 watt brush motor
  • Max Rider Weight: 165 lbs
  • Run time: Approximately for 2 hours

Razor Dune Buggy


  • Item Weight: 83.15 pounds
  • Item Dimensions 14.75 x 21.75 x 36.25 inches
  • Max Rider Weight: 120 lbs
  • Reaches speeds of up to 10 mph

Go Kart Engine Types

You can opt for electric go kart for sale and you might get one for cheap, but it has its own issues as well. Go Karts that are powered by electricity must be recharged, and due to the strength of the batteries and recharge time, you or your child will be able to enjoy this kind of Go Kart for up to 2 hours per day.

Right now on the market there are many electric Go karts for adults and children, but only the best electric Go Karts are worth the money they cost. Those powerful electric Go Karts are expensive, and their batteries are powerful and they are recharged more quickly than normal batteries, but the overall electric kart can cost over 5 000 dollars, which is not cheap for a toy.

Majority of the GO Karts on the market have either 2 stroke or 4 stroke engines.

2 stroke engines are specially made engines for Go Karts and they can produce a lot of hp, depending on the amount of money you are willing to give. 2 stroke engines are water cooled, but it was different in the past. This new way of cooling gave the boost of power to 2 stroke engines, and out of all 2 strokes go kart engines for sale KF1 125 cc engine is the best.

But if you want gas powered go karts for sale cheap, then you ought to go with a 4 stroke engine. 4 stroke engines are air-cooled and the best manufacturers create 4 stroke Go Kart engines for racing and they produce up to 50 hp. But if you aren’t going to race in your Go Kart you might go with cheaper engines and Go Karts in general, for example TrailMaster go kart. Engines that are made especially for karts are expensive, but gas engines that are made for log cutters, lawnmowers and other machines are cheaper than them. If you have some basic mechanic skills you can use that kind of engine in your Go Kart and make it fast and powerful without giving thousands on Go Kart engines.

Types of Go Karts

In general there are only three types of Go Karts: buggy Go Karts, trail Go Karts and yard Go Karts. But in reality there are dozens of types but due to the amount of differences between some of those types they are placed in one of those three groups.

Buggy Go Karts are Go Karts that are made for really rough terrain like big inclines, obstacle filled terrain and sand. Buggies must have a good protection against the dust and sand and they also possess big wheels that keep them going where other GO Karts can’t.

Razor Dune Buggy is one of those “wannabe” buggy Go Karts. Even though it is advertised as fully off-road buggy, it fails to meet its expectations. It isn’t expensive (it costs only $460 on Amazon), but if you want a buggy kart for that kind of money then you should skip over this one. It is an electric Go Kart and that means 12 hours of charge time for 40 minutes of fun. There is better electric go kart for sale on the market, even for this type of karts.

​Good example of off-road Go Kart is Rocker Mad Max off-road buggy. Even though this is another electric buggy, it is a lot different than the previous entry. Original price of this Go Kart is 1 000 dollars, but on Amazon you can buy it for only 650 dollars. It comes with strong battery that will last between 1 and 2 hours, depending on the weight of the driver. This buggy isn’t made for inclines or hills, but you will have some fun in a desert with it. If you want to drive it a bit longer then you can upgrade the battery and double the running time. Price fun ratio of this buggy makes it a good Go Kart for sale.

Trail Go Karts are karts that are made to be driven on mild off-road terrain. Majority of the good Trail Go Karts can go up to 40 mph, but they are not made to be driven in the mud or snow or at any bigger inclines. These Go Karts are basically made to be driven on the dirt and grass but you can also drive them on concrete if you want. TrailMaster go kart products are known as one of the best Go Karts for this type of game.

Out of all trail Go Karts XRX 300cc TrailMaster is one of the best on the market. It does cost 4 000 dollars, but for that money you will enjoy the time spent in this Go Kart. It is made for flat off-road terrain, so you won’t be able to climb hills and similar terrain (you can try, but clutch is prone to braking if there is more than 200 lbs on the kart). If you force this Go Kart on the terrain it isn’t made for it will hold, but the suspension components will wear off, and you will have to spend money on repairs.

If you don’t want to spend 5k on a Go Kart you might be drawn to Kandi 150cc 2-seat Go Kart which costs only 2 300 dollars, but that would be a big mistake. Even though all aspects of this Go Kart promise a lot, it doesn’t deliver. If you buy this Go Kart don’t try to go off-road, it will start to break down as soon as you go over the smallest obstacle. Out of all gas powered go karts for sale cheap Go karts are everywhere, and this one isn’t really a viable buy.

Yard Go Karts are the most common Go Karts, and the majority of the Go Karts for kids are actually yard Go Karts. They are pretty weak if you compare them to other types of carts, and they are only made for concrete or trimmed grass (even though some are not made for anything except a concrete).

If you want to buy a Go Kart that your child will drive on pavement and other concrete surfaces then there are numerous products you can choose from. For example you have TaoTao ATK-125A which is a 4 stroke GO kart. It comes with double seat and reverse gear, and it costs only 1 100 dollars. It might not be the best on the market, but with little care it will ride for a long time. Just be sure to regularly check all bolts and screws because they will get loose if your child likes to push it hard.

If you want to make a racer out of your kid then you might want to buy them one of the racing Go Karts for sale, for example SX-10 Power Kart. This little beast has only 49cc, but it doesn’t stop it from going up to 30 mph. This Go Kart costs $940 as new, and for that money it has a lot to offer. This kart is made for flat concrete surfaces only, and it would be best to let your kid on big flat surfaces because this Go Kart is same as racing Go Karts. Its wheels are very small, so no off-road (not even on grass) is possible. The overall frame of this Go Kart is high-tensile and it comes with rear disc brake as well as axle vented disc. It also has protective bumper to prevent damage to the machine.

Then there are racing karts, but I believe that enough is said about racing Go Karts, so I will skip them.

Even though this Go Kart is an excellent product, the clutch might burn out on regular basis. This will happen because the driver doesn’t know how to properly drive it (but kids are kids, they will break anything). Another downside of this Go Kart is that it doesn’t come with any form of manual, so you will have to know some things about karts before you are able to run it. This isn’t a top of the line product, but your child doesn’t need a top-quality product, it needs a toy to play with.

Guide To Being A Successful Go Kart Racer

Before I share you the secret of being successful Go Kart racer, you must know what kind of Go Kart you should use for racing. First of all, electric Go Karts are not made for racing and don’t even try to race with them. Second, you don’t have to buy the most expensive racing Go Kart in order to be a good racer. You can simply buy one of the cheap gas powered Go Karts and, if you must, modify it a bit for the race track.

And now you are ready to receive a guide to proper Go Kart racing.

You can modify normal gas powered street Go Karts for racing, by changing the engine and working on clutch and other things that will make it a lot faster than in was before. If your cart has wide turn radius then you will need to work on that too. You will also have to think about acceleration, because it is very important aspect of Go Kart racing.

Keeping a momentum throughout the whole track is important in every type of racing, and that applies to Go Kart racing as well. To achieve that you will have to learn to enter in the turns slowly and exit them fast. This is done by early braking, just before you start to turn. This way you will be able to start accelerating in the turn rather than waiting until you clear it.

Braking is a big part of Go Kart racing and you must learn how to properly brake. Don’t slam on the brakes, because you will lose a momentum you gained before. Rather than slamming on the brake, you should try to brake more smoothly, over longer stretch of the track. This will make you faster because your momentum will continue.

When you go into the turn you should try to go with “out-in-out” strategy. This means that you will approach the turn on the inside, go outer side of the track and then turn sharply into the turn and accelerate. If you do this correctly you will start accelerating as soon as you enter the turn. To avoid drifting and losing control you should clear the turn on the outer portion of the track.

For a beginner, and even a bit more experienced Go Kart driver, drifting is a way to lose the speed in the turn. It does look cool, but it should be avoided. If you learned how to enter the turn by early braking and acceleration in the turn you will have no need for braking in the turn which causes drifting and sliding.

All this will help you to learn proper way of handling a racing Go Kart. All that is left is to practice and race with your peers.

Monster Moto MM-K80BR 79.5cc Go Kart


  • Customer Reviews 4 of 5

Razor Ground Force Drifter Kart


  • Customer Reviews 4.1 of 5

FamilyGoKarts Kids Electric Go Kart


  • Customer Reviews 3 of 5

Razor Dune Buggy


  • Customer Reviews 4.5 of 5

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